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Protocol to isolate and analyze cells from human brains

Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Bochum, Germany
As the world population becomes older, the study of the brain in normal ageing and neurological disorders grows in interest. However, despite the advances in the field, there are several limitations in the study of specific cell types at the molecular level. Current isolation protocols do not allow the study of isolated intact neurons. Recent updates in laser microdissection techniques are attractive to overcome the present limitations in the isolation of brain cells. In this study, a detailed protocol is defined to isolate and analyze neurons from human postmortem brain. The results showed that this workflow allowed to successfully freeze, section and stain human tissue for laser microdissection, which was validated by mass spectrometry. The sample preparation employed in this study also would allow for other analytical techniques. Overall, here a protocol is presented that allows isolation of human brain cells, which could be a powerful tool to study specific brain cell's functions and molecular mechanisms.
Enrichment of single neurons and defined brain regions from human brain tissue samples for subsequent proteome analysis
Caroline May, Katrin Marcus
Added on: 09-04-2021
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