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Closing the diversity gap in genomics - The Hispanic/Latino Anthropometry Consortium

Pennsylvania State University, University Park, USA(1)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, USA(2)
Hispanic/Latinos have been underrepresented in genome-wide association studies (GWAS) for anthropometric traits despite their notable anthropometric variability, ancestry proportions, and high burden of growth stunting and overweight/obesity. The team of the current study consisted of 100 researchers from around the world to form the Hispanic/Latino Anthropometry Consortium (HISLA). The researchers collected genomic data from more than 70,000 Hispanic/Latino individuals. The data was recorded from 18 smaller studies and combined with two other consortia to bring the total sample to over 470,000 adults. To date, this is the first time that this population has been studied with such a large sample size. The researchers identified 42 previously unidentified regions of the human genome related to the body mass index (BMI), height and waist-to-hip ratio. Additionally, the researchers found a secondary genetic signal in the gene ADCY5 that has been previously associated with diabetes and adverse birth outcomes. By fine-mapping such regions of the genome scientists would be better poised to understand the implications of any kind of pharmacologic or public health interventions on the full range of diversity in human populations.
Ancestral diversity improves discovery and fine-mapping of genetic loci for anthropometric traits—The Hispanic/Latino Anthropometry Consortium
Lindsay Fernández-Rhodes(1), Mariaelisa Graff(2)
Added on: 06-09-2022
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