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Autologous human immunocompetent white adipose tissue-on-chip

Eberhard Karls University Tübingen, Tuebingen, Germany
White adipose tissue (WAT) has become a target of high interest for therapeutic strategies for diabetes. Leveraging Organ-on-Chip technology, in this study, a microphysiological in vitro model of human WAT is introduced: a tailored microfluidic platform featuring vasculature-like perfusion that integrates 3D tissues comprising all major WAT-associated cellular components (mature adipocytes, organotypic endothelial barriers, stromovascular cells including adipose tissue macrophages) in an autologous manner and recapitulates pivotal WAT functions, such as energy storage and mobilization as well as endocrine and immunomodulatory activities. A precisely controllable bottom-up approach enables the generation of a multitude of replicates per donor circumventing inter-donor variability issues and paving the way for personalized medicine. Moreover, it allows adjusting the model's degree of complexity via a flexible mix-and-match approach. This WAT-on-Chip system constitutes the first human-based, autologous, and immunocompetent in vitro adipose tissue model that recapitulates almost full tissue heterogeneity and can become a powerful tool for human-relevant research in the field of metabolism and its associated diseases as well as for compound testing and personalized- and precision medicine applications.
Autologous human immunocompetent white adipose tissue-on-chip
Peter Loskill
Added on: 05-13-2022
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