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3D InSight Liver model for DILI predictions

InSphero AG, Schlieren, Switzerland
With 3D InSight Liver Human Microtissues, InSphero offers a turnkey screening solution for the identification of hepatotoxic substances. The tissue is produced from primary liver cells from a pool of female and male donors in coculture with Kupffer and liver endothelial cells. In microtitre plates, the cultures are viable for at least 28 days. Due to the high throughput capability and twice the sensitivity for DILI (drug-induced liver injury) predictions compared to conventional 2D hepatocytes, these models are ideal for testing drug safety and efficacy, as well as for studying healthy and diseased liver function.
Added on: 11-16-2021
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Lush Prize Winner 2022Lush Prize Winner 2022
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