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Rapid viral identification by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry

Lancaster University, Lancaster, United Kingdom
The researchers present a new method for rapidly counting and identifying viruses, called 'Single virus inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy' (SV ICP-MS). The proposed technique is able to detect the presence of 2 - 500 viruses and determine the virus family within just 20 seconds. The method uses diluted samples of fluids, such as nasal mucus or saliva, from patients. A plasma torch is used to atomize and ionize the virus particles. Measurements of intensities for selected masses of the elements from the viruses provide rapid results detecting the presence of viruses. This process works on DNA and RNA virus types within seconds. The technique can be used to quickly diagnose viral diseases in hospitalised patients or to test water samples from sewage systems or downflow in rivers.
Single virus inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy analysis: A comprehensive study
Claude Degueldre
Added on: 05-11-2021
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