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3D co-culture model of hypopharyngeal cancer

Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom
In this study, a tumor-stroma based in-vitro three-dimensional (3D)-tumoroid co-culture model of hypopharyngeal cancer (HPC) has been developed and investigated. Therefore, a cell line derived from a human hypopharyngeal tumor (FaDu cell line) was co-cultured with a fibroblast-like human cell line (HS-5 cell line) to mimic the tumor-microenvironment. 3D-FaDu tumoroids were developed, as well as 3D-tumoroid co-cultures. Histology and immunostaining were done, and the growth kinetics of the 3D-tumoroids grown as monoculture as well as in co-culture were determined. The growth rate of the 3D tumoroid co-culture was found to be significantly higher compared to the tumoroid monoculture of FaDu. Moreover, the progression of hypoxia was investigated. Taken together, the in-vitro 3D model of HPC resembles many features of the original tumor. The model can help to develop new treatment approaches for HPC.
Bioengineering of a tumour-stroma 3D-tumouroid co-culture model of hypopharyngeal cancer
Santu Saha
Added on: 07-03-2023
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