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Analysis to predict diabetic kidney disease

The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong SAR of China
Epigenetic markers are potential biomarkers for diabetes and related complications. Using a prospective cohort from the Hong Kong Diabetes Register, the researchers performed two independent epigenome-wide association studies in 1,271 type 2 diabetes subjects. The identified 40 methylation markers associated with baseline estimated glomerular filtration rate and eight associated with subsequent decline in kidney function. They also developed a multisite analysis method, which selects CpG methylation sites as baseline for these pathologies. These models are validated in an independent cohort of Native Americans with type 2 diabetes. This study highlights the potential of methylation markers in risk stratification of kidney disease among type 2 diabetes individuals.
DNA methylation markers for kidney function and progression of diabetic kidney disease
Ronald C. W. Ma, Kevin Y. Yip
Added on: 06-05-2023
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