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Development of a 3D breast cancer culture platform for drug screening

October 2015
Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
3D models are emerging as dynamic models with high value to study cell growth and proliferation. Nowadays, coupled 3D modelling and imaging techniques offer easy-to-use systems. To study anti-cancer drugs, a simple visualization setup to image non-proliferative cells is needed. Here, a fluorescent-based assay is used to analyze cell proliferation of human breast cancer cells in a 3D model using a pulse-labelling technique with protein Kaede. The results show that it was possible to analyze the effects of 5-fluorouracil and PD0332991 anti-cancer drugs in human breast cancer cells. Overall, the researchers present a newly developed platform to easily study anti-cancer drug effects on cell proliferation to be able to do fast drug screening assays in human cells cultured in 3D conditions.
Data of a fluorescent imaging-based analysis of anti-cancer drug effects on three-dimensional cultures of breast cancer cells
Junji Itou
Added on: 10-31-2021
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