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Isolation of anti cancer antibodies from lung cancer patients' sera

Duke University Medical Center, Durham, USA
The majority of tumors in lung cancer are detected at an advanced stage when treatment options are limited. There is a clear need for a greater number and wider variety of effective therapies. In the present study, the researchers explored the possibility of taking cues from the immune response to tumors, particularly in patients who have an early-stage disease and never develop recurrence. Complement factor H (CFH) is one of a class of complement inhibitory factors that protect both normal and tumor cells from attack and destruction by the immune system. The researchers isolated autologous antibodies against CHF from cancer patients serum. The antibodies were then tested in vitro and it was shown that they have the capacity to neutralize cancer cell lines. This work suggests that autoantibodies against CHF may perform killing cancer in vivo as well. The development of specific antibodies to the conformationally distinct epitope of CFH may lead to a useful biologic therapy for lung cancer.
Complement factor H antibodies from lung cancer patients induce complement-dependent lysis of tumor cells, suggesting a novel immunotherapeutic strategy
Edward F. Patz
Added on: 09-14-2021
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