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Combinatorial approach using ex vivo patients immune cells to kill cancer cell lines

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA
HER 2/neu (HER2) is a receptor with phosphorylation activity that is amplified in a number of solid malignancies and is involved in early uncontrolled growth, enhanced invasiveness, and metastatic spread. HER2-targeted monoclonal antibodies show great results but significant resistance to therapy can occur. In the present study, the researchers used immune cells isolated from patients and sensitized ex vivo to assess their capacity to recognize and kill human cancer cell lines expressing HER2 in combination with other treatments. The results show that combinatorial strategy using immune cells engineered to target different epitopes of HER2 together with antibody treatment may be the best approach to be developed for clinical trials.
CD4+ T-helper type 1 cytokines and trastuzumab facilitate CD8+ T-cell targeting of HER2/neu–expressing cancers
Brian J. Czerniecki
Added on: 09-14-2021
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