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Human cancer cell lines used to assess if CD22 is a valid marker

UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, USA
Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death worldwide. A major goal in this field is to identify novel targets to treat tumors. Some reports indicated that transmembrane protein CD22 was expressed on lung cancer cells and might serve as a new target for therapy. In the present study, the researchers used a combination of flow cytometry and Western blot analyses with a variety of CD22 monoclonal antibodies and could not detect surface or intracellular expression of CD22 protein in a panel of human lung cancer cell lines. In addition, the proliferation of these cancer cell lines in vitro was not affected using CD22 antibodies or a highly potent anti-CD22 immunotoxin. The study concludes by asking for more investigation on the reality of CD22 as a specific marker of cancer cells before any development of therapy is made.
A reevaluation of CD22 expression in human lung cancer
Ellen S. Vitetta
Added on: 09-13-2021
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