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Importance of biological context in the use of nanoparticles

Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran
Nanoparticles have been a popular research topic in recent years for the many advantages they present in clinical applications. For example, in the context of Alzheimer's disease, they have been used to target amyloid-beta. And to test the effects of these nanoparticles on oligomerization and fibrillation processes, amyloid-beta is commonly used. However, the effects of the biomolecular corona, the biomolecules covering the surface of nanoparticles when in contact with biological fluids, on these pathological processes have been mostly ignored. In this study, the effects of the biomolecular corona derived either from human cerebrospinal fluid or plasma on amyloid-beta dynamics were investigated. The results showed that the interactions with amyloid-beta of the different biomolecular coronas triggered different outcomes of the nanoparticles in the aggregation of different amyloid-beta peptides. Plasma-derived biomolecular corona had less inhibitory effects on amyloid-beta 42 fibrillation than none or cerebrospinal fluid-originated corona, and the opposite was true for amyloid-beta 25-35 peptide. The researchers demonstrate that it is important to study the biological context where the nanoparticles will be used and the results shown here give new clues to future applications of nanoparticles and the potential profit of the environment to modulate their activity.
Biomolecular corona dictates Aβ fibrillation process
Rassoul Dinarvand
Added on: 08-27-2021
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