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Biomarker characterization in Alzheimer's disease

December 2014
Emory University, Atlanta, USA
The early diagnosis of Alzheimer's disease is a critical step to decide treatment strategies. However, very few reliable techniques have been developed to properly detect the onset and progression of the disease. One of these is the biomarker detection in cerebrospinal fluid. Several markers have been described to be altered in the cerebrospinal fluid of Alzheimer's patients, but this is still subjected to serious limitations: confounding factors affecting the detection of these biomarkers and interoperator variability among them. In this study, the researchers aim to characterize the biological and technical factors affecting the detection of Alzheimer's biomarkers in cerebrospinal fluid from patients at different stages of the disease. The results show that extensively used protocols detect lower levels of amyloid-beta 42 than the real amount present in the samples. It was also found that the partial levels detected by these protocols correlate to the total amount of amyloid-beta and other factors. Moreover, it was confirmed that the levels of detected amyloid-beta 42 are directly affected by other factors like apoJ or apoE levels. Overall, here it is shown that the levels of suspended amyloid-beta 42 detected in cerebrospinal fluid may be influenced by other factors and could be used to study some processes triggered in the disease, but for better clinical determination of the disease stage total amyloid-beta 42 and suspended forms should be taken into account together.
CSF beta-amyloid 1-42 - what are we measuring in Alzheimer's disease?
William T Hu
Added on: 08-26-2021
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