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ToxCast ER model to screen chemicals for endocrine activity

validated method
U.S. EPA, Washington, D.C., USA
The ToxCast ER model is a computational model to rapidly screen chemicals for endocrine bioactivity. Results from 18 estrogen receptor (ER) ToxCast high-throughput screening assays, measuring different points along the signalling pathway with different assay technologies, were integrated into a computational model. With an accuracy of 95%, it predicted the bioactivity of reference chemicals across a range of structures and potencies and for a relatively large set of 193 chemicals. In addition, the ToxCast ER model predicted the outcomes of EDSP Tier 1 guideline and other uterotrophic studies with > 90% accuracy. The results show that the model is a sensitive, specific, quantitative, and efficient test system. The EPA is now accepting ToxCast ER model data for 1.812 chemicals as alternatives for EDSP Tier 1 ER binding, ER transactivation, and uterotrophic assays.
Screening chemicals for estrogen receptor bioactivity using a computational model
Patience Browne
Added on: 08-18-2021
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