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Virtual Reality platform for identification of the cause of rare diseases

University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Networks offer a powerful way to visualize and analyze complex systems. However, protein interactions in the human body constitute such a complex system that can hardly be visualized. The immersive virtual reality (VR) platform VRNetzer can solve this problem by facilitating the thorough visual, and interactive, exploration of large networks. The platform allows maximal customization and extendibility, through the import of custom code for data analysis, integration of external databases, and design of arbitrary user interface elements, among other features. As a proof of concept, the researchers show how VRNetzer can be used to interactively explore genome-scale molecular networks to identify genes associated with rare diseases and understand how they might contribute to disease development.
The VRNetzer platform enables interactive network analysis in Virtual Reality
Jörg Menche
Added on: 05-11-2021
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