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Linking gestational chemical exposure and autistic behavior in children

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada
#autism, #toxicity
This population study measured the levels of 25 chemicals in blood and urine samples collected from 1,861 Canadian women during the first trimester of pregnancy. A follow-up survey was conducted with 478 of the womens’ children, using Bayesian quantile regression to assess autistic-like behaviours. The researchers found that higher maternal concentrations of cadmium, lead, and some phthalates in blood or urine samples were associated with a higher degree of autistic-like behaviours. Interestingly, the study also indicates which chemicals are negatively associated with autistic-like behaviour in children.
Gestational exposure to toxicants and autistic behaviors using bayesian quantile regression
Joshua D Alampi
Added on: 05-11-2021
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