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Living cadaver for military, medical devices and education

MAXFI Surgical Simulations, Columbia, USA
The “living cadaver” system consisting of a pump, reservoir, tubing, and a patented blood solution is suitable for cadavers used in military trauma training (amputation), biomedical devices (research, validation of new products) and medical education. The devices create a functioning vascular system that responds to medical treatment like a living patient. Trainees can use the cadaver’s pulse to find surgical landmarks and access points. A patented blood solution with which the cadaver can be perfused behaves like real blood, including changing the colour and integrity of tissue in response to bioconditions. There is also the option of a blood clotting solution for hemostatic agents. Heart rate, volume, and pressure can be controlled throughout the procedure and blood loss can be induced. By adding a ventilator, breathing can be mimicked. The cadaver can be perfused multiple times and reused for various procedures over two weeks.
An vivo perfused cadaver system
Added on: 03-30-2021
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