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Cut Suit: First aid simulator for combat training

Strategic Operations, Inc., San Diego, USA
This surgical simulator is a reconstructed, synthetic upper body suit that can be worn over the physical body and it simulates the look, feel and smell of severe traumatic events. It is filled with all relevant physical structures like lungs, rib cage and other internal organs. Mostly used in combat training, uniform, body armour and equipment is usable over this bodysuit and it can be worn in even intense physical war scenarios. Interaction between the physician and the live human during the emergency assessment and treatment is possible. Procedures available are haemorrhage control, surgical cricothyroidotomy, thoracentesis, thoracotomy, suturing and stapling of skin, placement of a bladder catheter, laparotomy and intra-abdominal exploration and haemorrhage control of gross organ structures and their suturing, anastomosis and resection. The skin and organs are user repairable and organs, as well as wound patterns, are interchangeable.
Human worn partial task surgical simulator (Cut Suit)
Added on: 03-29-2021
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