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Detailed tumour profiling

University Hospital Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
The “Tumor Profiler” project aims to derive the comprehensive molecular profile of tumours in cancer patients and has the potential to predict the efficacy of multiple new cancer medications. This study analyses melanoma, ovarian carcinoma, and acute myeloid leukemia tumors. In addition to the emerging standard diagnostic approaches of targeted NGS panel sequencing and digital pathology, the authors perform extensive characterization using the following exploratory technologies: single-cell genomics and transcriptomics, proteotyping, mass cytometry (CyTOF), imaging CyTOF, pharmacoscopy, and 4i drug response profiling (4i DRP). The authors outline the aims of the Tumor Profiler study and present preliminary results on the feasibility of using these technologies in clinical practice showcasing the power of an integrative multi-modal and functional approaches for understanding a tumor’s underlying biology and for clinical decision support.
The Tumor Profiler Study: integrated, multi-omic, functional tumor profiling for clinical decision support
Mitchell P. Levesque
Added on: 01-29-2021
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