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Drug testing on a liver and kidney two-organ-chip

Capital Medical University, Beijing, China(1)
National Institutes for Food and Drug Control, Beijing, China(2)
TissUse GmbH, Berlin, Germany(3)
This study describes the assembly of liver spheroids and renal proximal tubule equivalents on a microfluidic two-organ-chip. Furthermore, its capacity to screen for drugs toxicity was investigated. Cyclosporine A (CsA) was administered in two different dosages with or without the addition of Rifampicin (RFP) over 14 consecutive days. The results show distinct toxicity profiles of both organoids depending on the CsA concentration and an overall ameliorating effect of RFP, thus confirming exemplarily the chip capability to detect toxic effects on liver and kidney.
Repeated dose multi-drug testing using a microfuidic chip-based coculture of human liver and kidney proximal tubules equivalents
Ming Xue(1), Bo Li(2), Uwe Marx(3)
Added on: 01-10-2021
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