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Strategy to replace animal-derived extracellular matrices

University of Konstanz, Konstanz, Germany
Many extracellular matrices (ECM) used for modern cell culture are derived from animals. An alternative approach is the recombinant production of individual matrix protein components. Self-assembling protein domains from human muscle sarcomeres, termed ZT material (ZT), have been shown to be suitable for a modular approach of generating ECMs. The study determined that ZT modified with the fibronectin 10 domain (ZTFn10) is able to substitute bovine serum-derived fibronectin as a coating for neural crest cell (NCC)-based toxicity testing. Thus, the automated version of an NCC migration assay cMINC, and possibly other bioassays, can be performed with a ZT-based ECM instead of traditional animal-derived protein coatings.
Strategy to replace animal-derived ECM by a modular and highly defined matrix
Marcel Leist, Xenia Dolde
Added on: 01-06-2021
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