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Differences in 2D- and 3D-cancer cell cultures

University of Westminster, London, United Kingdom
This study compared static 2D-cancer cell cultures to 3D- cancer cell cultures, comprising a central mass of breast cancer cells surrounded by collagen type-1 and incorporated fluid flow and pressure. The 3D-cancer model differs by its improved tumour-microenvironment. This includes an extracellular matrix as well as capillary fluid flow and interstitial fluid pressure. The cell lines MDA-MB231 and SKBR3 were employed for this study. The 3D model showed reduced sensitivity to the chemotherapeutic agent Doxorubicin and an overall more aggressive phenotype (furthermore important: downregulation of Ki67 and cadherin-11, upregulation of snail and MMP14, i.a.).
Cancer cells grown in 3D under fluid flow exhibit an aggressive phenotype and reduced responsiveness to the anti‑cancer treatment doxorubicin
Miriam V. Dwek
Added on: 11-26-2020
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