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EpiOcular: 3D human ocular model for drug and toxicity testing

validierte Methode
MatTek Corporation, Ashland, USA
MatTek’s EpiOcular is a highly reproducible method for the ocular safety testing of raw ingredients and final formulations. EpiOcular has been industrially used for many years as a non-animal, in vitro method to determine Draize scores (for water-soluble test articles) and to assess the mildness / ultra-mildness (sub-Draize) of materials contacting the eyes. Used for assessment of eye irritation potential of personal care and cosmetic products (MTT ET-50) and for eye irritation potential of chemicals. Validated and regulatory accepted under TM2008-10 (EU) byEURL ECVAM (TSAR list), OECD test No. 492.
Added on: 07-10-2020
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