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epiCS skin irritation test

validierte Methode
European Union Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing, Ispra, Italy
The epiCS RHE SIT test method focuses on the end point of skin irritation and predicts the skin irritation potential. The test system consists of reconstructed tissues of the human epidermis. This 3D model reproduces the typical multi-layered cell organisation of the epidermis. The tissues are exposed to the test chemicals. Living cells are able to convert a substrate into a blue dye. The Sterlab RHE SIT protocol measures the optical density (OD) of the blue formazan in the treated tissues. Validated and regulatory approved under TM2009-09 (EU) by EURL ECVAM (TSAR list), OECD Test No. 439.
epiCS Skin Irritation Test
Added on: 07-03-2020
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