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EpiSkin™ skin corrosivity test

validierte Methode
European Union Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing, Ispra, Italy
The EpiSkin™ skin corrosivity test can be used to identify whether (or not) a chemical has the potential to corrode skin. Skin corrosion is generally defined as full thickness destruction of skin tissue but can also include any irreversible alterations to skin. The method uses a 3D human skin model and involves topical application of a test substance and subsequent assessment of cell viability and cytotoxicity. The method is based on the EpiSkin™ standard model, which is a three-dimensional human skin model that is comprised of a reconstructed epidermis and a functional stratum corneum (outer layer of skin). For the purposes of testing for skin corrosion potential, substances are applied topically to the surface of the model and then cell viability is assessed. Specifically, cytotoxicity is assessed through the MTT assay. Validated and regulatory accepted under TM1998-02 (EU) by EURL ECVAM (TSAR list).
EpiSkin™ skin corrosivity test
Added on: 07-02-2020
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