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Ocular Irritation test by artifical cornea-like matrix

validierte Methode
European Union Reference Laboratory for Alternatives to Animal Testing, Ispra, Italy
This assay allows assessment of the potential of a substance to cause eye irritation and corneal opacity by measuring the increase in optical density produced by the interaction of the test material with a protein matrix. The test system consists of a macromolecular reagent containing a mixture of proteins and glycoproteins, carbohydrates, lipids and low molecular weight components. After rehydration, this reagent forms a macromolecular matrix that mimics the cornea. The test chemical is applied to a membrane disc, which releases it into the matrix. Chemicals that are ocular irritants cause the macromolecular matrix to become turbid by interacting with its components and disrupting its conformation. The assay is currently available as a kit. Analysis and interpretation of the resulting data is performed with the Irritation Assay System software. Validated and regulatory approved at TSAR under TM2006-02 (EU), OECD Test No. 496.
Ocular Irritection
Added on: 07-02-2020
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