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Vascular bioreactor for the study of cardiovascular diseases

Aptus Bioreactors, Clemson, USA
The Vascular Bioreactor from Aptus Bioreactors features peristaltic pump technology combined with an advanced system of vessels, valves and tubing to create a fully tunable set of cardiovascular conditions. It can be used for conditioning, decellularization or re-seeding in an open or sterile environment. This system is available in both standard and scalable versions. The standard vessel chamber can accommodate up to five vessels held in parallel during the experiment. If more/fewer vessels are desired, unused lines can be sealed or a custom chamber can be used. Visually transparent design allows visualization during experiments. Custom vessel ports allow the use of a range of vessel diameters, lengths, and thicknesses. Special clamps hold the vessel in place without damaging the tissue. Further adjustments can be made to facilitate custom experimental protocols, such as balloon angioplasty or stent placement. The system allows real-time control, monitoring and data display. Independent systolic and diastolic pressure settings, waveform optimization functions, and easy manipulation of heart rate, flow rate, and pulse rate are available.
Vascular Bioreactor
Added on: 07-03-2023
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