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Heart valve bioreactor for testing and development of heart valves

Aptus Bioreactors, Clemson, USA
The Platform Heart Valve Bioreactor from Aptus Bioreactors is the basic system for testing and developing heart valves under physiological conditions. This system is used for preconditioning of valve scaffolds, preclinical testing of tissue development, durability and hemodynamic compatibility, and testing of cardiovascular implants in the heart valve field. The system is suitable for bioprosthetic, mechanical and tissue valves and simulates relevant pulmonary, aortic and mitral valve conditions with additional accessories. Physio software allows continuous monitoring of heart rate, cycle number, total flow, averaged stroke volume, valve motion, and aortic and ventricular systolic and diastolic pressures. The optically transparent system allows clear visualization and monitoring of the functional valve. The heart valve bioreactor thus represents a valuable tool for the study of valve physiology and pathology, as well as for patient-specific theranostics.
Platform Heart Valve Bioreactor
Added on: 07-03-2023
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