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Imaging system for the 3D deconvolution of human skin immune architecture

Genoskin SAS, Toulouse, France
Routine clinical assays, such as conventional immunohistochemistry, often fail to resolve the regional heterogeneity of complex inflammatory skin conditions. This study presents MANTIS (Multiplex Annotated Tissue Imaging System), a flexible analytic pipeline compatible with routine practice, specifically designed for spatially resolved immune phenotyping of the skin in experimental or clinical samples. On the basis of phenotype attribution matrices coupled to α-shape algorithms, MANTIS projects a representative digital immune landscape while enabling automated detection of major inflammatory clusters and concomitant single-cell data quantification of biomarkers. On the basis of patient samples, the researchers observed that severe pathological lesions from systemic lupus erythematosus, Kawasaki syndrome, or COVID-19–associated skin manifestations share common quantitative immune features, while displaying a non-random distribution of cells with the formation of disease-specific dermal immune structures. Given its accuracy and flexibility, MANTIS is designed to solve the spatial organization of complex immune environments to better apprehend the pathophysiology of skin manifestations.
3D deconvolution of human skin immune architecture with Multiplex Annotated Tissue Imaging System
Nicolas Gaudenzio
Added on: 07-03-2023
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