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uHeart - Heart model for cardiac research, drug and toxicology screenings

BiomimX S.r.l., Milano, Italy
The company BiomimX has developed a three-dimensional model of the human heart that enables research into relevant cardiac functions. For this purpose, human cardiomyocytes are cultivated with supporting fibroblasts over a period of 7 days. The specially developed uBeat technology makes the mini heart beat and induces the maturation process of the cells. The cultured cell tissue replicates characteristic histological features of the human heart. With the so-called uStretch technology, the additional mechanical stress on the heart is simulated. Based on this, training phases or heart diseases can be simulated, which can be monitored non-invasively online with an integrated uECG. Furthermore, the model offers the possibility to carry out toxicology screenings and to test cardiac drugs in a dose-dependent manner in order to investigate their effects on the electrical conduction of the heart.
Added on: 06-22-2023
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