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Microfluidic organ-on-chips for experimental research and drug screening

BEonChip, Zaragoza, Spain
The microtechnology company BEonChip produces high-quality and user-friendly organ-on-chip devices for the development and testing of new drugs, chemicals or cosmetics. The biocompatible plastics are, among other things, particularly stable to heat and chemicals, show low autofluorescence and are particularly tight, which enable hypoxia experiments. The models developed are designed in such a way that they can be easily combined with standard laboratory equipment (microscopes, microfluidic pumps, 96-well plates, etc.). BEonChip has developed four standard models (Be-Flow, Be-Gradient, Be-Doubleflow and Be-Transflow) that offer specific advantages for different fields of application. They enable controlled cell cultivation under flow and the investigation of interactions between different cell cultures. For example, Air Liquid Interface (ALI) cultures, endothelial/epithelial barrier and crosstalk studies can be carried out using specially developed microfluidic channels and porous membrane systems. In addition, the company also offers customized chips, chip accessories, and microfluidic flow control systems. The in-vitro models reduce previous experimental sources of error and help to improve the development and/or testing of new active substances by leading to valid results more quickly and reducing the costs of complex laboratory research.
Biomimetic environment on chip
Added on: 06-22-2023
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