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A village in a culture dish

University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Village cultures, where multiple induced pluripotent stem cell lines are cultured and differentiated in a single dish, allow for scaling up induced pluripotent stem cell experiments to population-scale studies. In this study, it is demonstrated how cells can be assigned to an induced pluripotent stem line using single-cell sequencing. Therefore, up to 18 stem lines were used to compose an 18-line village for cardiomyocyte differentiation and the village cultures were maintenance for eight passages. It was shown, that the line-dependent effects that underlie gene expression variation between different lines are consistent when the cells are cultured separately or in a village. The study supports the use of village culture systems for large-scale studies with induced pluripotent stem cell lines, e.g. to investigate drug response.
A village in a dish model system for population-scale hiPSC studies
Joseph E. Powell
Added on: 06-13-2023
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