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NerveSim: 3D in vitro model for drug and toxicology screening of the peripheral nervous system

AxoSim, Inc., New Orleans, USA
AxoSim's NerveSim platform is an in vitro model that, when combined with an AI, enables improved toxicology and drug screening of the peripheral nervous system. For this purpose, three-dimensional spheroids are cultivated from induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). These are then inserted into the NerveSim platform and further grown into a biomimetic model that mimics the form and function of peripheral nerves. The model features unique Schwann cell myelination and reliably produces key clinical measures (nerve excitability, conduction, and histomorphometry) of peripheral neuropathies and neuropathic pain previously only achievable in in vivo clinical methods. The SimTox platform, for the detection of neurotoxic agents, has a higher sensitivity to neurotoxic agents compared to the currently established clinical models, thereby enabling faster treatment to save the patient. With the SimDiscovery platform, neurological clinical pictures can be simulated and drugs in the development phase can be identified safely and faster than is possible with previous time-consuming and cost-intensive methods. The NerveSim platform thus enables more targeted treatment of patients and is proving to be suitable for improving long-awaited drug development.

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Added on: 05-30-2023
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