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Cryopreserved assay cell lines for drug screening and toxicity testing

acCELLerate GmbH, Hamburg, Germany
The company acCELLerate has specialized in the production and cryopreservation (freezing of cell tissue using liquid nitrogen) of highly functional so-called assay-ready cells (ARC). The recombinant cell lines were developed by the contract research organization AssayWorks and express pharmaceutically relevant receptors and ion channels. Assay Ready Cells can be used for safety testing of chemicals, screening of new drugs and functional ingredients, and efficacy testing of biotherapeutics in clinical development and manufacturing control. acCELLerate offers Assay Ready Cells of different cell lines: validated instaCELL bioassay kits, as well as customized cell banks of Frozen Instant Cells with comprehensive documentation, which can be produced in homogeneous batches of 50 – 1,000 vials to meet individual assay requirements. The frozen cell lines improve assay precision and are ready to use after thawing without prior cultivation.
ARC - Assay Ready Cells (Ligand gated ion channels)
Added on: 05-30-2023
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