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Bioreactor system for microbiome research

University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada
The human colon is inhabited by a complex community of microbes integral to host health and physiology. To study these communities, a bioreactor system designed to replicate the conditions of the human colon in a tightly controlled manner has been developed. This publication describes protocols to culture whole microbial communities derived from human stool and/or colonic biopsy samples in the bioreactor system. It gives consideration of methods to create culture medium formulations to replicate the nutrients found in the human colon. Moreover, instructions to build, inoculate, run, and sample the bioreactor apparatus are given.
The robogut: a bioreactor model of the human colon for evaluation of gut microbial community ecology and function
Emma Allen-Vercoe
Added on: 05-22-2023
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