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Personalized therapeutic strategies for multiple myeloma

ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
Despite a growing arsenal of approved therapies, multiple myeloma remains incurable and in need of guidelines to identify effective personalized treatments. In this study, ex vivo drug and immunotherapy sensitivities were surveyed across 101 bone marrow samples derived from 70 patients with multiple myeloma. Multiplexed immunofluorescence, automated microscopy and deep-learning-based single-cell investigation were used. To identify the molecular basis associated with differential drug responses, the drug responses were correlated with myeloma protein abundances. Ex vivo drug sensitivity was compared with clinical treatment responses, including to immunotherapy. Taken together, the study provides molecular insights into diverse treatment strategies for patients with multiple myeloma and enables a personalized medication.
Ex vivo drug response heterogeneity reveals personalized therapeutic strategies for patients with multiple myeloma
Berend Snijder
Added on: 05-05-2023
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