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Animal-free defined medium for 2D and 3D culturing of normal and cancer cells

Lund University, Lund, Sweden
Cell culturing media often contain animal-derived components, one of the most commonly used is foetal bovine serum (FBS). The safety, batch-to-batch variation, and ethical problems with FBS are acknowledged and therefore worldwide efforts are ongoing to produce FBS-free media. Here, the researchers present the composition of a new defined medium with only human proteins, either recombinant or derived from human tissues. This defined medium supports long-term culturing/routine culturing of normal and cancer cells and can be used for freezing and thawing of cells, i.e. for cell banking. This defined medium provides a leap towards a universal animal product-free cell culture medium.
A new animal product free defined medium for 2D and 3D culturing of normal and cancer cells to study cell proliferation and migration as well as dose response to chemical treatment
Stina Oredsson
Added on: 05-02-2023
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