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Too much or too little sleep may be associated with infections

University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway
There is emerging evidence that sleep problems and short sleep duration increase the risk of infection. The researchers aimed to assess whether chronic insomnia disorder, chronic sleep problems, sleep duration and circadian preference based on self-report were associated with the risk of infections and antibiotic use among patients visiting their general practitioner (GP). They conducted a cross-sectional study of 1,848 unselected patients in Norway visiting their GP in 2020. The risk of infection was 27% and 44% higher in patients sleeping <6 h and >9 h, respectively, compared to those sleeping 7–8 h. The risk was also increased in patients with chronic insomnia disorder or a chronic sleep problem. For antibiotic use, the risk was higher for patients sleeping <6 h, and for those with chronic insomnia disorder or a chronic sleep problem. These findings support the notion of a strong association between sleep and infection.
The association between self-reported sleep problems, infection, and antibiotic use in patients in general practice
Ingeborg Forthun
Added on: 05-02-2023
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