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Photodynamic therapy for glioblastoma in brain organoids

Hospital Clinic de Barcelona—FCRB, Barcelona, Spain(1)
University of Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain(2)
The high recurrence of glioblastoma (GB) that occurs adjacent to the resection cavity within two years of diagnosis urges an improvement of therapies oriented to GB local control. Photodynamic therapy (PDT) has been proposed to cleanse infiltrating tumor cells from parenchyma to ameliorate long-term progression-free survival. The researchers examined 5-aminolevulinic acid (5-ALA)-mediated PDT effects as therapeutical treatment and determined optimal conditions for PDT efficacy without causing phototoxic injury to the normal brain tissue. They used a platform of Glioma Initiation Cells infiltrating cerebral organoids with two different glioblastoma cell lines. The study provides evidence about the effectiveness of PDT to treat high proliferative GB cells in a complex in vitro system, which combines normal and cancer cells and is a useful tool to standardize new strategic therapies.
Preclinical studies with glioblastoma brain organoid co-cultures show efficient 5-ALA photodynamic therapy
Àngels Sierra(1), Ana Sevilla(2)
Added on: 05-02-2023
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