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Direct reprogramming of cardiomyocytes into cardiac Purkinje-like cells

October 2022
University of Houston, Houston, USA
Currently, there are no treatments that ameliorate cardiac cell death, the underlying basis of cardiovascular disease. An unexplored cell type in cardiac regeneration is cardiac Purkinje cells; specialized cells from the cardiac conduction system (CCS) responsible for propagating electrical signals. Purkinje cells have tremendous potential as a regenerative treatment because they may intrinsically integrate with the CCS of a recipient myocardium, resulting in a more efficient electrical conduction in diseased hearts. This study is the first to demonstrate an effective protocol for the direct reprogramming of human cardiomyocytes into cardiac Purkinje-like cells using small molecules. The cells generated were genetically and functionally similar to native cardiac Purkinje cells, where expression of key cardiac Purkinje genes and the conduction of electrical signals with increased velocity were observed. This study may help to advance the quest to find an optimized cell therapy for heart regeneration.
Direct reprogramming of cardiomyocytes into cardiac Purkinje-like cells
Bradley K. McConnell
Added on: 12-16-2022
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