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Human liver-chip for predictive toxicology

December 2022
Emulate Inc., Boston, USA
Organ-Chips could potentially help identify drug toxicities earlier, but there is limited research into how well they predict these effects compared to conventional models. In this study, 870 Liver-Chips were analysed to determine how well they predict drug-induced liver injury, a common cause of drug failure. The liver-chips predicted the effect on the liver of 27 known hepatotoxic and non-toxic drugs with a sensitivity of 87% and a specificity of 100%. The results of this study show how incorporating predictive Organ-Chips into drug development workflows could substantially improve drug discovery and development, allowing manufacturers to bring safer, more effective medicines to market in less time.
Performance assessment and economic analysis of a human liver-chip for predictive toxicology
Lorna Ewart
Added on: 12-15-2022
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