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Wound care models

Limbs & Things Ltd, Bristol, United Kingdom
The wound care range can be used to train in identifying and assessing different types of wounds. The lifelike material of the models is flexible and allows for the washing and cleaning of wounds as well as the application of dressings and negative pressure wound therapy devices. The Seymour model is based on a 74-year-old patient with pressure injuries, blisters, a pressure injury with undermining, tunnelling, subcutaneous fat, and eschar, and a deep injury with exposed bone, undermining, tunnelling, subcutaneous fat, and eschar. The Wilma's foot is based on an 80-year-old patient with 20 (pathologic) conditions such as ulcers (stage 1 to 4), callus, amputation, corns, blisters, hammer toe, and various sores. The Stan model has a large Stage 4 sacral compression injury with eschar, subcutaneous fat, undermining, tunnelling and exposed bone with osteomyelitis and a Stage 3 compression injury with subcutaneous fat and granulation tissue. The Annie leg model shows various (pathological) conditions such as necrotic toes, fissures, (neuropathic) ulcers and amputated toes and has an ultrasonic Doppler module.
Seymour II Wound Care Model
Added on: 12-13-2022
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