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Ultrasound diagnostic training devices

Limbs & Things Ltd, Bristol, United Kingdom
The ultrasound range offers simulation and electrical devices for ultrasound training. Special body parts are designed to show a realistic ultrasound image. An arm model is used to train access to the jugular vein under ultrasound. An anatomically accurate adult knee model for injection and aspiration of synovial fluid from the knee joint, from both the lateral and medial aspects, using palpation or ultrasound guidance. A corresponding model is as well available for shoulder ultrasound and injection. The upper body model can be used not only for mechanical palpation training, but also with echolucent pads and echogenic organs in order for the trainees to become familiar with the internal anatomy using ultrasound, and to recognise how to safely insert a needle of a catheter into the peritoneal cavity.
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Added on: 12-08-2022
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