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Lifelike Dummies for emergency and diagnostics

Erler-Zimmer GmbH & Co. KG, Lauf, Germany
The human, life-size dummies are available in baby, toddler and adult versions. They can be used to train all emergency techniques, including showing various characteristics such as pupillary reflexes, seizures, cyanosis, jaundice, sweating and bowel sounds. ECMO can be learned on some models, and individual limbs are also available on which severe injuries are simulated and amputations can be practised. Newborn simulations can be used to train intubation and bag breathing, as well as chest compressions and oral and nasal suctioning. In addition, training simulations are available as isolated sections for examination and diagnostics for endoscopy, gynaecology, injection, skin suturing, cardiology, X-ray, pregnancy and delivery, and ultrasound.
Medizinische Simulatoren
Added on: 10-31-2022
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