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Anatomically correct 3D models with pathologies

Erler-Zimmer GmbH & Co. KG, Lauf, Germany
The company produces classic anatomical models used for teaching, such as various joints, brain, skull, organ and vascular models, muscles and bones. In addition, highly detailed 3D anatomical models are available, which qualitatively approach plastinated cadavers, but without their disadvantages. All models such as hearts and other organs, knee, elbow, hip, foot and shoulder joints, and all extremities are anatomically correctly represented with muscles and tendons. Cross-sections and modular composition allow a "deep" view as in dissections. Defects, malformations and pathologies such as brain haemorrhages, aneurysms or carcinomas in various body regions are also available.
3D Anatomie Serie
Added on: 10-28-2022
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Lush Prize Winner 2022Lush Prize Winner 2022
Winner of the Animal Protection Prize of Lower Saxony 2022Winner of the Animal Protection Prize of Lower Saxony 2022

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