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Investigation of dermal exposure to cigarette smoke

University of California, Riverside, USA
This clinical investigation aimed to evaluate the health effects of dermal exposure to thirdhand smoke. 10 healthy, non-smoking subjects were recruited for dermal exposure by wearing clothing impregnated either with filtered clean air or with aged cigarette smoke for 3 hours. Exposures to clean air or aged cigarette smoke occurred 20-30 days apart. Urine samples collected before the exposure, immediately after exposure, at 8 h, the next morning, and 22 h after exposure were analyzed for biomarkers of exposure and harm, and the plasma proteome was analyzed using mass spectrometry to identify effects on protein expression. It was shown, that acute dermal exposure to THS mimics the harmful effects of cigarette smoking, alters the human plasma proteome, initiates mechanisms of skin inflammatory disease, and elevates urinary biomarkers of oxidative harm.
Dermal thirdhand smoke exposure induces oxidative damage, initiates skin inflammatory markers, and adversely alters the human plasma proteome
Prue Talbot
Added on: 10-27-2022
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