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Impedance spectroscopy in corneal models to discriminate between eye irritation categories

October 2018
University Hospital Wuerzburg, Wuerzburg, Germany
To develop an in vitro assay that identifies all categories of ocular irritation, organotypic corneal models based on primary human cells were combined here with an electrical readout system that measures the impedance of the test models. Here, the use of a model based on primary human corneal epithelial cells showed advantages over models derived from primary human epidermal keratinocytes in terms of native marker expression. By using a measurement system based on impedance spectroscopy, the sensitivity of the test system could be increased. This made it possible to identify all system categories of ocular irritation by repeated measurements over a 7-day period. Based on this novel prediction model, an accuracy of 78% and a reproducibility of 88.9% were achieved to identify all three categories of eye irritation in a single test.
Replacing the Draize eye test: Impedance spectroscopy as a 3R method to discriminate between all GHS categories for eye irritation
C. Lotz
Added on: 07-07-2022
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