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Screening test for developmental toxicity

Kyowa Kirin Co., Nagaizumi, Japan
In this study, an in vitro human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell-based screening assay to assess developmental toxicity was developed. The assay evaluates the potential risks and types of drug-induced developmental toxicity in humans by assessing the inhibitory effects of the drug on the cardiac differentiation of iPS cells and on the proliferation/survival of iPS cells and human fibroblasts. The assay was used to categorize 14 drugs according to their potential for developmental toxicity. The results suggest that the assay is useful for predicting the human developmental toxicity of drug candidates in a preclinical setting.
A novel screening test to predict the developmental toxicity of drugs using human induced pluripotent stem cells
Nobuo Aikawa
Added on: 07-06-2022
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