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Learning with a hologram patient

GigXR, Los Angeles, USA
HoloHuman is a full-sized 3D human anatomy atlas for medical students to learn anatomy systems and structures in virtual reality. A part of the body can be separately examined, it can be fully rotated and virtually dissected, providing a much deeper insight into human anatomy than it is possible with a cadaver. One step further is a mixed-reality system called HoloScenarios in which a hologram patient displays disease symptoms with asthma, anaphylaxis, pulmonary embolism and pneumonia. Modules for cardiology and neurology are under development, a dental module is already in use. Students with virtual reality headsets can interact with the holo-patient but still see each other for interaction. Due to the scenarios being virtual, they are accessible from anywhere in the world.
Added on: 06-30-2022
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