Non Animal Testing Database

AI for aquatic toxicity testing

Smarter Sorting, Austin, USA
Since some of our everyday products like cosmetics or pharmaceuticals are toxic to aquatic animals, when they get washed into the water system, they can pose a serious threat to wildlife. Thus, companies need to test whether their products are toxic—and in some cases, doing so requires testing them on animals, often by putting a certain amount of product into a tank of fish and waiting to see how many of them die. With data from prior toxicity tests, intelligence company Smarter Sorting has been able to conduct its own accurate toxicity tests without killing any animals. Instead of dumping chemicals into tanks, it uses AI and machine learning to compute all the necessary calculations on the toxicity of products companies are developing. Its AI aiming to eliminate unnecessary animal testing is the winner of the AI and data category of Fast Company’s 2022 World Changing Ideas Awards.
Added on: 06-09-2022
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